With a background in classics and many years of experience in educational publishing, I have an in-depth understanding of English grammar, mechanics, style, and diction. I also have an excellent working knowledge of French, German, Greek, and Latin and am imagesfamiliar with Modern Greek, Italian, and Spanish.

I edit works in a wide range of fields in the humanities and social sciences. I specialize in classics, ancient history, classical archaeology, late antiquity, religious studies, medieval studies, European history and literature, German studies, Middle Eastern studies, philosophy, human rights, political science, anthropology, geography, travel, and food and wine.

I offer these services:

Biblio bulletCopy editing—editing to achieve consistency in mechanics (spelling, hyphenation, capitalization, punctuation, treatment of numbers, presentation of quotations, formatting of notes and bibliography) and to correct grammar, syntax, usage, and diction

Substantive editing—rewriting and reorganizing to clarify meaning, tighten text, and Biblio bulletsmooth transitions

Developmental editing—restructuring a manuscript and suggesting rewrites to improve flow, tone, and style

ESL (English as a Second Language) editing—correcting, improving, and polishing English grammar, syntax, usage, and diction in writing by nonnative speakers of EnglishBiblio bullet

Project management—performing and coordinating all aspects of a project before and during production, including manuscript editing, typecoding, markup of proof, and oversight of contributors to a multiauthor volume

Contact me HERE to discuss your editorial needs.

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